"The owners themselves have a very hands-on application and are involved not only in the design and fabrication, but literally in the installation.  One of the owners himself was out there with his people orchestrating the welding, cutting and setting the project in place."  -  Ron Wilkinson, The Beck Group.


"Their people are all well trained and come through an apprenticeship.  The owners work with their people very closely.  The training apprenticeship and the owner influence is evident in their work.  They're all good and honest people - I cannot say enough about them." - Ron Wilkinson, The Beck Group

"They're one of the few companies that do architectural handrails and other architectural products in the Dallas/North Texas area.  When we have any project that has to do with rails or the like, they'll certainly be on the top of our list of the choices for the job." - Eric Holers, The Beck Group.

"We've been working with (Metalrite) for years, and they do excellent work.  I'll say that in comparison to some of the others we've worked with, their quality of work, their operations and their total package is no less than very good to excellent.  We've found Metalrite's work to be very professional, and that's not always the case with everyone we've worked with.  They do things in a fair and timely manner." - Eric Holers, The Beck Group.